General Liberal Arts

The Associate of Arts degree with an emphasis in General Liberal Arts is designed to provide students with a learning foundation in written and oral communications, the social and behavioral sciences, and the humanities. While the A.A. degree in General Liberal Arts offers opportunities for personal growth and career advancement, it is primarily designed to allow students to transfer their qualifying credit hours to a four-year college. The A.A. degree in General Liberal Arts is for students interested in fields in the humanities such as literature, history, art, music and in the social sciences including political science, sociology, education and legal studies.

Degrees and Certificates Offered

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Process Map

GLA Process Map

Sample Program of Study

Full-Time (12+ credits per semester)     
Year 1- Fall Semester Credits Gen Ed/ Core
● EDUC 1010 Student Success Strategies 2 ILO 5
● ENGL 1010 English Composition I 3 ILO 2
● NASP 1410 or 1510 Native Language Level I  4 ILO 1
● BIOS 1010 General Biology and BIOS 1114 Lab 3 ILO 3
● BIOS 1114 General Biology Lab 1 ILO3
● HLTH 1045 Archery/Hunting Safety 1 ILO 5/Elective
Total Credits by Term 14  
Year 1- Spring Semester Credits Gen Ed/ Core
● ENGL 1020 English Composition II 3 ILO 2
● NASP 1040 Nat Am History since 1890 3 ILO 1
● INFO 1010 Intro to Computers 3 ILO 4
● HIST 2020 American History II 3 ILO 3
● HLTH 1020 First Aid/CPR 1 ILO 5/Elective 
Total Credits by Term 13  
Year 1- Summer Term Credits Gen Ed/ Core
● EDUC 2030 Multicultural Education 3 Elective 
● SPCH 1110 Public Speaking 3 ILO 2
Total Credits by Term 6  
Year 2- Fall Semester Credits Gen Ed/ Core
● MATH 1110 Intermediate Algebra 4 ILO 3
● ECON 2120 Principles of Macroeconomics  3 Elective
● PSYC 1810 Intro to Psychology 3 ILO 3
● CRIM 1010 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 Elective
Total Credits by Term 13  
Year 2- Spring Semester Credits Gen Ed/ Core
● HLTH 2310 Health Education and Wellness 3 ILO 5
●Native Language II 4 Elective
Choose course from Global Awareness 3 ILO 4
● ARTS 1010 Introduction to the Visual Arts 3 Elective 
● EDUC 1020 Career Survival 1 ILO 5
Total Credits by Term 14  
Total Credits for Degree 60  




"Remember that education does not stop. Just because you have your degree doesn't mean for you to stop learning. ..  Never forget that no one can take this education and accomplishment away from you. . ."

Estelle Farley (Navajo/Dine) - NICC General Liberal Arts Alumni and 2020 Valedictorian


"It's your responsibility to be advocates for those who may not have had the opportunity to go to school. It is your responsibility to bring awareness to your  community..  It's your responsibility to advocate and speak for those who don't have a voice.. . "

Janelle Whipple (Isanti) - NICC General Liberal Arts Alumni


“It quickly became clear to me that my job, especially as a writing instructor was only to help students harness their life stories and get them down on paper.”

Zeke Brummels - NICC General Liberal Arts Division Head

“We are still here as people. We are still expanding, thriving, uplifting.” “...I’m determined to graduate with my degree. I’m determined to continue on working for my tribe, helping as many kids as possible... “

Christa Carrillo (Umonhon) - General Liberal Arts Student

Internships and Job Shadowing Opportunities

- Jounalism Internship

- Archives Internship

Articulation Agreements

- UNO Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Studies (AA to BMS)

- UNO Bachelor in Emergency Management- CRCJ Concentration (AA to BS)

Faculty in the Division

Last Name 

First Name 



Ezechiel (Zeke)

General Liberal Arts Division Head

Page Patti FT Faculty/Grant Writer
Brasch Stacy Adjunct Faculty
Carlson Raeanna

Adjunct Faculty

Holtgrew Jennifer Adjunct Faculty
Hulstein James Adjunct Faculty
Kramer Teri Adjunct Faculty
McCauley Justin Adjunct Faculty
Miller Henry Dakota Adjunct Faculty
Miller Lauren Adjunct Faculty
Miller Megan Instructional Designer
Nash Susan Adjunct Faculty
Rosabal Perez Iliana Adjunct Faculty
Schlichting Rebekka Adjunct Faculty
Sudbeck Kristine Academic Dean



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