Early Childhood Education

The Associate of Arts degree with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education is designed to provide students with knowledge of pre-school age children (including an emphasis on increasing knowledge of Native American pre-school age children). Courses leading to this emphasis are designed to prepare the student for work in childcare, and various governmental agencies, while providing sufficient general education courses to promote transfer into a four-year degree program. Students will work closely with their academic advisor to select the courses that are most appropriate and beneficial.

Degrees and Certificates Offered

  • Associate of Arts degree with emphasis in Early Childhood Education PDF or Excel
  • Certificate in Child Development Associate (CDA)- Infant and Toddler Excel (select tab)
  • Certificate in Child Development Associate (CDA)- Toddler Excel (select tab)

Process Map

ECE Process Map

Sample Program of Study

Full-Time (12+ credits per semester)           
Year 1- Fall Semester ODD       Credits Gen Ed/Core
EDUC 1010 Student Success Strategies       2 ILO 5
ENGL 1010 English Comp I       3 ILO 2
HLTH 1020 First Aid/CPR       1 ILO 5
ECED 1150 Intro to ECE       3 Core
ECED 1110 Infant & Toddler Dev.       3 Core
                                       Total Credits by Term       12  
Year 1- Spring Semester EVEN       Credits Gen Ed/Core
ENGL 1020 English Comp II       3 ILO 2
NASP 1410 or 1510 Native Language Level I       4 ILO 1
ECED 1120 Preschool Development       2 Core
ECED 1230 School Age Child Dev.       2 Core
ECED 2070 Family & Community Relat.       3 ILO 4
                                       Total Credits by Term       14  
Year 1 Summer Term       Credits Gen Ed/Core
ECED 1050 Expressive Arts       3 ILO 3
ECED 1060 Obs. Guid. & Asssess.       3 Core
                                       Total Credits by Term       6  
Year 2- Fall Even       Credits Gen Ed/Core
PHYS 1100 Physical Science       3 ILO 3
PHYS 1104 Lab       1 ILO 3
ECED 1610 Infant Practicum       1 Core
ECED 1620 Toddler Practicum       1 Core
ECED 1220 Pre-Practica       1 Core
INFO 1010 Intro to Computers       3 ILO 4
NASP 1030 NA History to 1890       3 ILO 1
                                       Total Credits by Term       13  
Year 2 Spring ODD       Credits Gen Ed/ Core
MATH 1150 College Algebra       3 ILO 3
SPCH 1110 Public Speaking       3 ILO 2
ECED 1260 Child Health, Safety &Nutr.       3 ILO 5
ECED 1630 Preschool Practicum       1 Core
ECED 1640 School Age Practicum       1 Core
EDUC 1020 Career Survival       1 ILO 5
                                       Total Credits by Term       12  
Year 2 Summer ODD       Credits Gen ED/Core
ECED 1160 Language & Literacy       3 Core
                                       Total Credits by Term       3  
                                   Total Credits for Degree       60  



Career Pathways Flowchart

ECE Career Ladder


“ NICC has been a good support going into these online classes... My plan after my CDA is to go for my teaching degree and pursue my teaching career.”

Pearl Moniz-Tarin - CDA student


“My journey at NICC started when I was a senior in high school... At the time ECED classes were offered so I started out with one class, and then after that semester was over, I really liked the class so I took two more. Eventually I graduated from high school, and I continued to stay at NICC! I enjoy it very much, and it’s very convenient for me!”

LaDawna Lovejoy (Isanti/ Umo n ho n ) - Early Childhood Education major


“Our early childhood education program includes cultural diversity and understanding Native American culture, language, families and communities.”

Jackie Hahn - NICC’s Early Childhood Education Division Head

Internships and Job Shadowing Opportunities

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Faculty in the Division

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Early Childhood Education Division Head

Hamman Vincent Eugene Adjunct Faculty
Page Patti FT Faculty/Grant Writer
Miller Lauren Adjunct Faculty



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