Office of Institutional Research, Planning, & Effectiveness (OIRPE)

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The Director of the Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness (OIRPE).

Code of Ethics and Guidelines

(adapted from AIR and NICC Institutional Core Beliefs)

2022 Institutional Snapshot

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  • Student demographic data: male/female, which characteristics define the largest segment of student population, % of students enrolled in at least 1 online course, % of student from each tribe
  • Enrollment: % credit vs. non-credit; full time vs. part time
  • Services: student to teacher ratio, % of NICC students that made us their 1st choice, # total dual enrolled students, % of NICC students received scholarships
  • Opportunities: credentials offered, can we find average rate of return % for investment of time and money? Check EMSI, data on internships, list top industry or community partners,

Online Factbook

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Institutional Research

External Data Sources (links to IPEDS, AKIS?, additional??)

Strategic Planning Report

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