Carnegie Math Pathways is the first program of its kind to transform math remediation in community colleges across the country.

The Carnegie Math Pathways program includes two alternative standards-based math sequences called Statway and Quantway, which allow students to enroll directly into college-level math with built-in remediation of necessary math skills. Math remediation policies are the single largest barrier to increasing college completion and a key driver of racial and other achievement gaps. Carnegie Math Path-ways give students access to rigorous, college-level math that is relevant to their goals, ensuring that arbitrary and failed remediation policies don't delay or derail students education.

The Carnegie Math Pathways program is growing at a remarkable pace, and increasing student completion rates at schools across the country. We couldn't be more thrilled its our dream to make Statway and Quantway available to all students, said Karon Klipple, Executive Director of Carnegie Math Pathways.

Carnegie Math Pathways served more than 10,000 students in 2016, and this year more than 70 institutions in 17 states will offer Statway and/or Quantway. These alternative pathways replace community colleges traditional algebra sequences with real-world, standards-based applications like statistics, aligning coursework with students program of study and accelerating their progress through their college-level courses.

More than 30 Native American Tribal Colleges have turned to Carnegie Math. Nebraska Indian Community College will be the first commencing with Spring Semester 2018, and the others will follow.

New data show that Statway and Quantway students go on to earn more college level cred-its, and graduate and transfer at significantly higher rates than their peers, demonstrating the rigor of the approach. Education leaders say these programs provide a model schools across the country should consider adopting. The increased demand, they say, shows institutions are taking notice.

National results show that Math Pathways dramatically increase student success rates, and provide more opportunities for students to learn and apply math concepts that are relevant to their career choices, said Johanna Duncan-Poitier, Senior Vice Chancellor of State University of New York. Quantway and Statway have been essential to SUNYs completion agenda put simply, they give students one of the best chances at success.

Studies show that Statway students complete college math at triple the rate of those in the traditional sequence, and do so in half the time across all racial and ethnic groups. Statway students also go on to earn more college credit than their peers in remediation, and transfer to 4-year institutions at higher rates.

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