NICC Sioux City Campus hosted a Chemistry Workshop presented by Dr. Rick Wang, University of South Dakota, on Friday, April 7, 2017. Dr. Wang had a variety of re-searchers from USD and SDSU present their work. Each presenter had lab activities for students to participate in that related to each of their research topics.
The following is a list of presenters and their research topics:
Dr. Rick Wang, USD
Dr. Wang works with molecular super containers that are able to grab and contain pollutants that can then be separated and extracted from the median in which they exist. Students worked with super container models.
Ms. Riley, USD
Ms. Rileys research deals with neuroscience
and the chemistry of the brain resulting from individuals that are bullied. Her research shows how we might be able to treat the brain to decrease risks of drug dependencies and mental health issues. Riley uses leeches in her research for their similarities with their nervous systems to humans. Stu-dents used leeches to examine their nervous system.
Dr. Qiquan Qiao, SDSU
Dr. Qiaos research deals with the solar energy and the efficiency of batteries to store solar energy. Students were shown how solar cells work.
Dr. Zhen Ni, SDSU
Dr. Nis research deals with robotics and how this technology is utilized. Students worked with drones and how they work in relationship to robotic technology.
Mr. Adam, USD
Mr. Adams research is in computational chemistry. Adam introduced students to software for computational modeling in chemistry. Several simulations were done by our students.

Students were all excited to participate in the labs and felt they learned a lot. They also realized that cutting edge research in the field of chemistry is being done right here in our local areas.
The event was sponsored by University of South Dakota and Nebraska Indian Community College.

Funding provided by National Science Foundation.