NICC's Workforce Development Director, Paul Fowler has been busy with a multitude of projects. Despite Covid regulations, Paul has been busy looking to future semesters and findings safe alternatives that provide growth for NICC. He details some of NICC's projects here. Pictured below are items from the Student Representative Canvas Course page.

He writes, "Some of new things are that coming to NICC is our welding programs for Macy and Santee campuses. We will be building a new welding
building to house the welding program. Students will learn the welding skills that help them become employable in the that industry.

Another program that will be coming to the Macy campus is our solar installation program, were students will learn how to install Solar energy panels. Part for VOC Tech building will be updated so students will learn how to install solar energy equipment.

NICC offers Work study opportunities for students when funding is available, and we also offer opportunities for internships in the student’s field of study. We are always looking to partner with outside agencies to allow students to intern outside of NICC and gain real life work experience.

At NICC we will be starting a new program for our students, its call the Representative program. Students will be employed by NICC and earn college
credits while involved. Students will learn the history of NICC and other aspect of the Tribal college movement. Students will make presentation for
prospective students on campus or virtually. Will assist with tours and recruitment events. The students will learn leadership skills and public
speaking, so when they are in the workforce, they will have those valuable skills that will help them be successful.

We are always looking for ways to get students involved and take suggestions on how to make students feel comfortable or start a new group on our