NICC's Workforce Development Director, Kim Olsen has been busy with a multitude of projects.

We have broken ground on the new welding buildings at our Macy and Santee locations and plan to have classes offered soon. Kim is also working with local business to offer welding internships and to provide feedback on program development.

Solar arrays have been installed at the Macy and Santi locations and we plan to have a panel installed at the So. Sioux City campus this fall. Students will have the opportunity to work directly with the install and to learn about the regular maintenance of the panels. Introductory courses on Solar Technology will also be provided.

Kim will be focusing on developing relationships with local business and industry to gather feedback about current workforce needs and trends. NICC will use the information to develop new programs, revise current programs, and to build partnerships for future internships and/or apprenticeships to ensure the future success of students as they transition into the workforce.

NICC continues its Student Representative program. Representatives receive paid internships at NICC, while earning college credit. They act as student ambassadors for students, staff, visitors, and prospective students. They learn about the history of NICC and other aspects of the Tribal college movement. They will participate in NICC events, provide tours and presentations, become involved in NICC committee meetings, provide front office support, and have the opportunity to develop leadership skills. Anyone interested can contact Kim or Human Resources.

We are always looking for ways to get students involved. Please contact Kim with suggestions.