NICC's Student Services Representatives serve all four campus locations, and know the ins and outs of student status. Pictured L-R: Crystal Ross (Macy Campus), Alvin Parker (South Sioux City Campus), Terri Grant (Santee Campus), and Amanda Kanuho (Pawnee Nation Campus) answer some student questions below.

"I've taken classes before, but now I want to move to full-time. How do I know if it's the right decision for me?"
Crystal: Being a full-time student means to take 12-15 credit hours per semester. First thing is would look at, is how will this fit into your schedule? Do you work? What other activities are you involved with? Reviewing your current schedule will help determine your availability for classes.

Amanda: A full time class schedule requires a lot of time and discipline. If you feel like there will be no major distractions in your future and your schedule permits, a full- time schedule can be possible. An Academic Advisor can help work out a schedule that will best suit your needs.

"I'm thinking about taking classes for the first time, but I'm not too good with technology. Should I still enroll? "
Alvin: Yes enroll, we have introductory classes that will teach you how to use our technology. 

Crystal: There are classes for first time student to help learn the technology needed to navigate through NICC courses and resources i.e. Student Success Strategies and Intro to Computer.

"I'd like to connect with my culture more. Are there classes that will teach me about my tribe and where I come from?"
Crystal: Yes, NICC offers history and language classes in Omaha, Pawnee and Dakota culture. i.e. Omaha Culture and Tradition, Native History to 1890, as well as Dakota and Pawnee Language.

Terri: We offer Dakota Language and Omaha Language. We have many culture classes, and a degree program in Native American Studies. Other courses too go hand-in-hand with our culture like environmental sciences and others as well.

"I have a really busy schedule. I can't take classes at regular 9-5 hours. Do you offer any online or evening classes?"
Alvin: We offer online as well as classes that meet in person after 5:00.

Amanda: Yes, NICC offers both online and evening courses. Our Academic Advisors can create a class schedule that can work around your busy schedule

Terri: We start by looking at what degrees they are interested in, and then we look at what evening and online classes are offered in their program. We also touch base with their Division Head to let them know about their schedule.

"I want to take classes. I have had learning barriers, and I want to make sure I'm getting the support that I need. Can NICC help support me?"
Crystal: Yes, NICC can make reasonable accommodations for students with learning barriers. Disclosure of a learning barrier is the student's responsibility. Once disclosed to an instructor or staff, a Student Application for Accommodation and a Faculty Release must be completed to provide
support. As well as providing any supporting documentation.