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The Nebraska Indian Community College offers several scholarships established by private organizations and individuals. The criteria and award amounts vary with each scholarship.

Applications for the following scholarships are available from the Financial Aid Office or campus Advisors.

  • American Indian College Fund - The American Indian College Fund provides assistance to learners who demonstrate high scholastic achievement. These scholarships may be awarded to any student who has demonstrated high academic achievement, and has unmet financial need. A portion of this scholarship may be awarded to non-Native students. http://www.collegefund.org/students_and_alumni/content/scholarships
  • High School Graduate Scholarships - NICC offers $ 500.00 scholarships to all current incoming High School Graduates who are Native American or Nebraska residents. This scholarship applies to the first year only and students must meet the following criteria:
    • Student must be enrolled in at least a half-time (6 hours) status per semester.
    • Nebraska Resident or member of a Federally Recognized tribe.
  • Senior Citizens/Elders Tuition Waiver - NICC offers non-refundable tuition waivers for citizens 55 years of age or older as of the first day of the semester enrolled. Qualifying senior citizens will be charged for fees associated with admission, and registration. Tuition-paying students have priority over senior citizens if the course reaches capacity. 
  • Summer Tuition Waiver - NICC offers non-refundable tuition waivers for summer semester when students successfully complete their course work. Students are required to seek all Financial Aid possibilities prior to receiving this waiver. Once the summer term is complete the student should complete the form and submit a copy of their grades with it to the Business Office/Student Billing. 
  • Other Scholarships - NICC offers several other scholarship opportunities including: 


Students are encouraged to complete an on-going Internet search for the hundreds of college scholarships available throughout the year. Students must understand that applying for a scholarship does not necessarily mean the student will receive the scholarship. All scholarships are competitive and are, in most cases, tied to a high grade point average and/or unmet need. All scholarship deadlines are strictly maintained. Most scholarships require a written essay, photo, or other documentation by the applicant.


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