Dual Credit

Why dual credit is the right choice at NICC.

Tuition is waived for High School students.

Admission application

Dual Credit Form

SPECIAL ADMISSION - HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Currently enrolled high school students may apply for special admission for dual-credit courses. In other words, students can earn college credit AND meet high school graduation requirements. These dually enrolled students may enroll in no more than 6 college level credits per term, before completion of High School requirements.

Students need to provide the following documentation:

 ● A complete NICC admission package is filed with the Registrar Office

 ● A dual credit form with required signatures filed with the Registrar Office

 ● Completion of placement testing meeting minimum requirements or ACT scores High school students are not eligible for Federal financial aid. Due to the fact that all NICC sponsored dual credit systems are housed in high schools that do not have BIE funding, NICC will count dually enrolled high school students in our Form 22 for the ISC Report annually.

Admission process map for dual-credit students and guidance counselors

Financial aid


Planning for college after high school graduation - https://studentaid.gov/resources/prepare-for-college