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Students who plan to apply for veteran’s educational benefits must apply to the VA for benefits and give a copy of their Certification of Eligibility (COE) to the registrar. It is the responsibility of the student veteran to inform Student Services staff of their status prior to registration. Veteran benefits will be reviewed by the Registrar and Financial Aid Director each term. The Registrar will report the veteran student’s enrollment to the St. Louis Veterans office.

Currently enrolled high school students may apply for special admission for dual-credit courses. In other words, students can earn college credit AND meet high school graduation requirements. These dually enrolled students may enroll in no more than 6 college level credits per term, before completion of High School requirements. Students need to provide the following documentation:
● A complete NICC admission package is filed with the Registrar Office
● A dual credit form with required signatures filed with the Registrar Office
● Completion of placement testing meeting minimum requirements or ACT scores

High school students are not eligible for Federal financial aid. Due to the fact that all NICC sponsored dual credit systems are housed in high schools that do not have BIE funding, NICC will count dually enrolled high school students in our Form 22 for the ISC Report annually.

When a period of one year has elapsed during which a student is not enrolled at NICC, the student must be re-admitted to NICC through the data management system. However, if the student carries an outstanding bill with the college, a student must work out a payment plan prior to readmission with the Business Office.

Audit students desiring to attend a course without taking examinations or receiving credit for the course may register under the audit classification. Students auditing courses pay the same tuition and fees as those taking courses for credit. The audited courses are marked “audit” at the time of registration. Students who have registered to audit courses may not change to college credit after the last day of add/drop. Audits are limited to two courses per academic year. Audited courses cannot be used in determining semester course load for financial aid purposes or veteran’s benefits. Audited courses do not affect a student’s cumulative grade point average and are ineligible for Federal financial aid.

Enrichment Students who are taking classes for other purposes, such as to transfer to another educational program or for their own learning will receive grades and complete work associated with the enrolled course. The course work will not be eligible for Title IV funding at NICC. Students enrolled at two colleges should advise the registrars and financial aid offices of both institutions.
Students able-to-benefit from education or training offered (i.e. Nurse Aide or special certificate programs) that have not completed the admissions requirement of High School or general education diploma (GED) may take coursework directly related to the certificate only. These students will not be eligible for Title IV funding.

Students who have earned college credits at another accredited institution may transfer their credits to NICC. Official transcripts must be mailed by previously attended institutions for an accurate evaluation of transfer credit. Transcripts presented directly by the student or faxed are not official and will not be used for the evaluation of transfer credit. Courses transferred into the Nebraska Indian Community College must be at the "C" level or above and within 10 years or applied to a degree. Transfer credits older than 10 years will only be accepted under a case by case special approval from the academic dean and/or department head. Consideration will be given to course work that will not jeopardize the learning of the student. Students will be notified of their academic status after the evaluation is complete. Courses that are accepted for transfer are not given a letter grade and are not calculated in the cumulative grade point average. NICC is part of the Nebraska Community Colleges TES (Transfer Evaluation System).

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