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Student Services

Nebraska Indian Community College provides services for meeting the various academic and non-academic needs of its diverse student body. NICC coordinates services for all enrolled students at no additional cost to the student. For additional information, please contact your assigned advisor.


Prior to the fall semester, NICC staff conducts new student orientation programs. These programs are designed to ease the transition into the new experience of college. Student orientation provides the opportunity for students to interact with other students, as well as to become familiar with NICC programs, services, staff, and faculty. Students can also access Online Student Orientation materials on Canvas at https://thenicc.instructure.com/courses/23 at any time.

EMPOWER (Student Information Portal)
Students can access all of their education activity on their private Empower account. Students will also be able to review bills and financial aid information in this location.

OFFICE 365 (College Email)
Every student has access to a college email account. Many functions including tracking of schedule and communicating with NICC staff and faculty can be done from this account. This tool is a way for students to stay in touch with opportunities at NICC.


The Business office is the official institutional depository for student bills and payment plans. The Business Office is responsible for student’s bills, and distribution of refunds. More information on the Business Office’s policies and procedures can be read in the Business Office Policies and Procedures Schedule.


The Office of the Academic Dean serves many purposes. The Academic Dean is responsible for providing academically sound degree programs and honoring students with degrees, honors, and Dean’s List recognition. Other responsibilities of the Academic Dean are ensuring the academic policies and student rights policies are followed.


Meet the Educational Access Team

Susan Tyndall       

Educational Access Team Coordinator


Santee Campus- Educational Access Team Member

Jerome Proctor

Santee Campus- Educational Access Team Member

Paul Fowler

SSC Campus- Educational Access Team Member

Jackie Hahn

SSC Campus- Educational Access Team Member

Kristine Sudbeck

Macy Campus- Educational Access Team Member

Quote of the Day

Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing, and always come back again to where they were. The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood, and so it is in everything where power moves. – Black Elk