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Student Responsibilities

Students are bound by all rules, regulations, and processes of the College Catalog effective during their term of enrollment. Students should read the NICC College Catalog carefully, as it is their primary source of information on requirements and regulations. The College will not waive a regulation because a student pleads ignorance of it. This College Catalog should be retained as a permanent record for reference, transfer, and graduation information.

● Students are responsible for their own learning and development by becoming active learners through attending class, completing class and laboratory assignments, and preparing in advance for their scheduled classes.
● The final responsibility for planning courses, meeting requirements, and observing regulations lies with the student. It is the students' responsibility to know and observe all policies and procedures for their programs.
● Students should assume responsibility for their own verbal and non-verbal communications, writings, and behavior.
● Students shall maintain confidentiality when appropriate and indicated.
● Students are responsible for appropriate use of services provided by the College.
● Students are responsible to uphold the College's academic honesty policy.
● Nebraska Indian Community College students are expected to abide by local, tribal, and applicable state and federal laws, as well as college regulations.

Members of the student body will engage in reasonable behavior that promotes unity and ensures quality education to be the final result. The following are among the responsibilities recognized as incumbent upon every student: