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Student Rights

The following rights of the student are recognized as among those that the College has the responsibility to foster and protect.
● The right to pursue educational, recreational, social, religious, and cultural activities.
● The right to maintenance of a campus environment characterized by safety and good order.
● The right to organize, join, and maintain membership in associations to promote lawful interests the student holds in common with other students, subject to reasonable and non-discriminatory College regulations.
● The right to appropriate available services of the faculty, administrative offices, and support services of the College. ● The right to report grievances or complaints to college administration or staff, local police, Federal agencies, or Tribal authorities.
● The right to fair and impartial evaluation of the student's academic work.
● The right to have complete and accurate records maintained by the College of the student's academic performance and the right to review them.
● The right, through representatives of the student's choice, to voice his or her opinion and to participate in the formulation of regulations affecting student affairs.
● The right to have the College maintain and protect the student's academic conduct, financial information, and counseling records, as required by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). A copy of the FERPA Act may be requested through the Admissions/Advising/Records Office and can be viewed under Consumer Information at www.thenicc.edu. The student has the right to provide a written request for the disclosure of their records. If the student requests a copy of the records, a charge of $.10 per page will be assessed to the student’s account. See also Release of student information for more information.