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Collaborating with NASA and NOAA


Collaborating with NASA and NOAA


Climate change is a hot topic globally. A lot of people are looking at the effects of climate change on their communities. During the 2014-2015 school year Sarah Zavala, Justin Avery, Adrianna Buffalo Chief-Hoffman, Brianna Bickerstaff, Christina Coffman, Shanise Parker, and Rose Buffalochief, students from all three NICC campuses, will be working together on climate change funded by NASA, Nebraska EPSCoR, and UNO. Students will also work with local and global weather authorities like Nebraska High Plains Climate Center (NOAA) to gather and compare data.

The students will gain knowledge and skill in the operation of scientific weather equipment, as well as, developing and understanding scientific data analysis. Also they will work with the geoscience software Arc View so that GIS images may be used to represent locations of extreme weather occurrences and the historical rate. Students will collect a variety of local weather data from each campus’s respective locations. These locations will be NICC’s Santee Campus, South Sioux Campus and Macy’s Campus. A weather station will be posted at each location.

Each group of students from each campus location will compile current weather data to be entered into a Statistics 8 software program for later statistical analysis. Historical records will be entered into Statistics as well for correlation analysis and documentation on satellite images. Satellite images will be used to plot campus locations, historical weather statistics, and the rate and in-tensity of extreme weather events. Students will be instructed in the basic uses and applications of the Arc View software so that at the end of this project, each group of students at each campus site will have an image that represents this. It is hoped that this project will stimulate student interest in the math and sciences and show how local science is connected to the larger scientific scope of things.

Santee Horse Races

June 28th 10 am Santee, NE

NICC Graduation Commencement Ceremony

The 2014 Nebraska Indian Community College (NICC) graduation commencement ceremony was held Saturday, May 17 in Santee, NE, at the Mnisose Park.  NICC has three campuses located in Santee, Macy, and South Sioux City.  Each year the graduation location rotates among campuses and this year it was Santee’s turn to host. 

There were 12 graduates who received their Associate of Arts degrees and each of the campus locations were represented with graduating students.  This year the ceremony was held outside for the first time, and the weather could not have been more beautiful.  After the ceremony a dinner was held at the Oyate Oyanke Community Center for the graduates, their families, and NICC faculty and staff. 

During the ceremony, students were led to their seats by five traditional dancers, Trooper James, Perry Little and son along with Clarissa LaPlante and granddaughter accompanied by singers Jamie Chinana, Delray Coffman, Dwayne Wabasha, Wyatt Thomas, and Shawn Coffman. Afterward a welcome and invocation were given by Roger Trudell, Chairman of the Santee Sioux Nation.  Other presentations during the ceremony included the Faculty of the Year award given to Dawn Hair who teaches science and math.  Faculty of the Year candidates are nominated by faculty members and then voted upon by students.  Student address speeches were given by graduates Rochelle Klug and Crystal Appleton. 

This past year NICC also lost two long-time members of the NICC family: Jerry Denney, former Board of Directors member, and Margaret Maass, long-time instructor of General Liberal Arts.  Chairs covered with star quilts and their photos were placed up front to honor them. 

After students received their diplomas and their degrees were conferred, the singers sang an honor song for them and they were led back out by the traditional dancers.  

It was a great day and Nebraska Indian Community College would once again like to congratulate all the graduates on a job well done.  NICC is very proud of their accomplishments and wish them luck with future pursuits!