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NICC Attends the Winter AIHEC meeting in Washington, DC

Nebraska Indian Community College attended the Winter AIHEC meeting in Washington, DC from February 9-13, 2015.  During the Winter Meeting, those representing the tribal colleges met with state senators and representatives to lobby for current legislation that will support Native American education and tribal colleges.  Those attending from NICC were Mike Oltrogge, President; Mary Johnson, Director of Development; and four students, Sarah Zavala, Rose Buffalo Chief, Falon Torrez, and Siqoyia Hoving.  The NICC group met with staff from both senators’ offices as well as the 3 representatives’ offices.  Senator Deb Fischer was present for the meeting and the students had the opportunity to meet  Sen. Sasse and Rep. Fortenberry after the meetings.  They were in hearings and unable to sit in on NICC’s meeting with the staffers.  During the meetings, the group lobbied for support for current legislation that will continue to fund tribal colleges and assist other programs for the colleges.  The students also had the opportunity to talk about their experiences as tribal college students and the importance of this type of educational opportunity for Native Americans.

Also, during the week-long meeting, those present were able to attend presentations by representatives from the Department of Education, who spoke on important changes coming that may affect all colleges and universities and had the opportunity to ask questions on how these could impact tribal colleges specifically.  Other speakers included those from the Bureau of Indian Education and other AIHEC staff.  The AIHEC Student Congress (ASC) also met during the week for their quarterly meeting.  NICC has two students who sit on the ASC:  Sarah Zavala, Historian; and Falon Torrez, Midwest Representative.   

At the National Museum of American Indian







With Senator Deb Fischer












With Sen. Sasse













With Congressman Fortenberry

Nebraska Indian Community College (NICC) holds its first High School Math Invitational

On Friday, February 27, NICC held its first Math Invitational with some of the area high schools and it was a great success!  Students from 5 high schools participated in team and individual math competitions.  The schools represented included Macy, Santee, Walthill, Winnebago, and Bancroft-Rosalie.  The event was also sponsored in part by the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s SEPA program and they provided the trophies for the winners as well as a lunch for all the participants. 

Dr. Maurice Godfrey from UNMC gave a brief presentation and spoke about the growth of the medical field and the need for Native American students to be a part of that growth.  He also shared information about opportunities at UNMC.  Other presentations included Cindy Krafka, Native American Outreach Coordinator at UNO who also spoke about the importance of Native students taking an active part in the science and math fields; and Dr. Mark Griep from UNL Chemistry Department, who spoke about the holistic view of research. He also shared a display painting by one of his students that represented science in the Circle of Life format. 

In the team math competition, the Bancroft-Rosalie High School team took First Place and the Santee High School team took Second Place.  In the individual competition there were 6 places and are as follows: 1st-Suzanne Ras, 2nd-Aaron Ras, 3rd-Hannah Flock, 4th Kylita Gomez, 5th-Cameron Freemont (all from Bancroft-Rosalie), and 6th-Michael Snake, Winnebago.

Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who participated in the Math Invitational!  NICC hopes to do more of these in the future with more participation from area high schools and thanks everyone who came to compete and those who helped make the event a success.  

Bancroft-Rosalie High School Math Invitational team; first place. 











Santee High School, 2nd place in team competition

Round Dance

KTIV News Story from the Round Dance on March 27th