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AICF Full Circle Scholarship


Full Circle Scholarship Application Period is open until May 31st.

AICF Scholarship Application Login

Frequently asked questions about the American Indian College Fund Scholarships. Click Here.


March 2020 UmoNhoN Calendar


March 2020 Calendar


Tribal College Week


Feb 3rd-7th Tribal College Week - PICK THE NICC!

Show your school spirit.  Wear your NICC shirt this week.

Wednesday February 5th Celebrate with some popcorn!

Happy Tribal College Week.  The U.S. Congress has declared Feb. 3 – 7, 2020 to be Tribal College Week.  This year Tribal College Week falls at the same time as AIHEC’s Legislative Summit.  NICC is proud that Donna Pike will be our student representative at the Summit.  For those of us back here on campus, let’s show our support for Tribal Colleges by wearing our NICC shirts this week.