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More Than Just a Food Source

Through a partnership between The Nebraska Indian Community College and the USDA Tribal Extension, Jim Hallum of Santee, NE works to strengthen and preserve Native values with a traditional buffalo harvest on a ranch just off of CR-C80 in Sioux City, Iowa. Dozens of Native and Non-Native community members from over ten tribal areas, gather to learn and preserve the old ways of living. “We are teaching people how to live again.” Explains Jim Hallum, as he speaks passionately about the sacredness of the buffalo to Native people. 

Today, throughout urban communities and on Indian land, much of the primary food source is processed by aiding chemicals and preservatives then packaged, for convenience. Through this process, much of the nutritional value and health benefits are lost, which contributes to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and various forms of cancer that we find so prevalent within today’s society. “Back then, we had none of these troubles. The buffalo provided for our needs.” Jim added. 

Every day, the cost of our conveniences is being realized and although current trending now favors organic and healthier foods, much more needs to be done. 

The bison signified more than a food source for Native peoples. Language instructor at the Nebraska Indian Community College, respected elder and event speaker Alice Saunsoci of Macy, NE added, “The buffalo represented life.” This relationship perspective was shared through stories of Native peoples and their deep connection with the buffalo, by Alice and many other respected speakers at this event.

If you would like to learn more about The Nebraska Indian Community College’s efforts to preserve traditional values and cultures through education or wish to contribute toward the continuation of these types of events please send an email at info@thenicc.edu.