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Native Youth Groups


Growth as an individual and as a student not only comes from education, but also from using your ability to work willing together for the betterment of our community. 

Volunteers are the most important resource community organizations have. Ideally, volunteers find the donation of their time and energy a meaningful experience for themselves as well as for the organization. A true win/win situation! In 2012, take time to find a cause where you can make a difference within our communities. One such cause is the many youth groups that reside in our areas.

Working to mentor the interest and mind of child not only helps the child grow but also helps us grow and together we all will find ourselves in a better way.One of my mentors provided me with these thoughts “Working with the youth does not need to be structured, but needs to allow for the spirit to run free.Allow them to be a child and embrace our youth in a positive meaningful way.” If you would like to reach out to one of the youth groups in our community, I urge you to do so by contacting any one of our AAR staff members who will gladly point you in a good direction for a worthy cause.