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Preparing Students for the Future


Over the past two and half years the Academic Division of NICC has made great strides in integrating academic and cultural facets into the heart of the curriculum. This has been accomplished by the efforts of the academic dean, faculty, staff, students, and the community with the support and approval of the Board of Directors and the college president. The institutional assessment plan and result analysis is the primary tool used for measuring progress. The recent goals and objectives are targeted at two main core values for the fulfilment of the college’s mission. This is being achieved by offering more Native American Study (NAS) courses into the class rotation.

In the past student participation in these classes was sketchy making it difficult to offer NAS using adjunct faculty. This scenario has changed by maintaining full-time Native American language instructors and employing dynamic full-time and part time NAS faculty. Student enrolment has more than doubled in these classes. Cultural community activities sponsored by NICC have greatly strengthened the ties with the communities served. As one of the NAS instructors stated that the “Indian” is now in the Nebraska Indian Community College.

The second major focus centers on preparing students for their future. Great strides have been made in this area. Through curriculum assessment student performance expectations have risen. APA writing format has been adopted as the standard for all classes. Quality writing and research components have been integrated into all areas of the college environment. A writing resource center is being planned and will be functioning by the 2012 fall semester.

The Nebraska Indian Community College is truly becoming a Center of Excellence. 

The hiring of two additional full time faculty in the Business and Human Services Counselling divisions has not only made class offerings consistent, but has allowed flexibility in the curriculum to meet the requirements of four year colleges. The division of math and sciences has aligned the courses and requirements for transferability into universities and colleges. At this time NICC has over 40 articulations and memorandums of understanding with higher education institutions.