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Cultural Sensitivity

This last March at the Sioux City Museum our Dakota Center of Excellence, led by Wyatt Thomas, brought forth training for partners, program managers, staff, and area leaders on perspectives to consider when servicing and assisting Native people. These two day training sessions are of astonishing value for understandings to happen for many unaware of the challenges faced by Native people. Many of the speakers came from all around Indian country to help our communities. Rick Thomas and Gene Thin Elk provided great insight on trauma and the effects of trauma. The NICC wishes to thanks all our presenters from this year’s cultural sensitivity training for their gift of knowledge for our participants. The college has two of the lectures recorded and available for community use through our public libraries located in Santee and Macy campuses. If you would like to purchase a DVD copy for your program, managers, or individual use they can be obtained through a donation of $20.00 for the continuation of these types of events. For orders or more information please contact us here at info@thenicc.edu.edu.