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5th Annual New Years Eve 2018-19 Sobriety Powwow


Dec. 31st West High School Gym, 2001 Casselman Street, Sioux City, IA

Grand Entry 1:00 pm & 7:00 pm

Nebraska Indian Community College 

Wopida Tanka! Big thank You for taking the time to read our letter. We are currently in the process of planning our 5th Annual New Year’s Eve Sobriety Powwow which will be located at West High School in Sioux City, IA. The event begins on December 31st, 2018 and goes through January 1st, 2019.  The Nebraska Indian Community College started the New Year’s Eve Powwow to bring a healthy alternative to New Year’s Eve, instead of the typical party scene.  The Sioux City Native American Community is encompassed of over 29 Native Nations who need an increase awareness of culture, tradition, language and most importantly a healthy lifestyle.  The powwow will consist of traditional dance, culture, plus motivational speakers sharing their stories of living a life consisting of those values.  

Last year’s 4th Annual New Year’s Eve Sobriety Powwow was a tremendous success! Dancers and visitors came to share in this wonderful experience from the tri-state area and from across the country.  

 The Native American youth living in the Sioux City area are faced with many negative influences including gangs, pressures of alcohol and drugs abuse at an early age. This resulting in many leading dysfunctional and unhealthy lifestyles, incarceration or even early death. 

 Through this powwow, Nebraska Indian Community College wants to help individuals become aware of those negative influences and help make a change by promoting Native American identity and a healthy lifestyle! We will merge these two topics together to help individuals regain knowledge through another New Year’s Eve Powwow event. In addition, Nebraska Indian Community College will combine the past, present and future to develop a strong base of understanding for all people and community members.  

 The last four years have been a success! The powwow committee and its sponsors believe having a powwow on New Year’s Eve has had a tremendous positive impact in the Sioux City area.  We believe even if one life can be spared the devastating effects of alcohol and drugs that it is well worth the effort. 

The powwow committee has prepared a budget and we are looking for donations to help fund the event.  The budget goal is $10,000.00.  We are reaching out to all programs in the Sioux City Community and surrounding areas to help us meet our goal.  The amount of the donation is completely up to your program.  

 In closing, thank you for your time and consideration. We would also like to extend a heartfelt invitation to attend the 5th Annual New Year’s Eve Sobriety Powwow.  Donors will be listed on the events flyer and thanked publicly at the event. 

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 


Jim Hallum