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NICC Student Wins iPod Touch

Earlier this year to promote an up-and-coming Native Seed Corn workshop, we held a contest for T-shirt designs that was won by NICC Student, Israel Harlan of Macy, Nebraska. As a result of his skill and hard work, Israel received a new iPod Touch. Local talent such as Israel’s, and many others within our community is abundant, highly available and sought after but is often under utilized. For this reason, it is especially important for us to remember the most powerful resource, is that of human beings that exercise skills and foster their interest through learning in a meaningful productive way.

Many times we might overlook this as a true contributor for driving healthy economies. Often we consider only businesses that have store brick and mortar fronts. Economist call this the visible economy, a prime example of this would be Isanti Construction or HCI. Just as equally important is the small group or individual with skills that can drive what is known as the invisible economy. By starting small, developing skills, networking with others one can make a good living and even progress into the store front visible economy. The entrepreneurial road is hard work however with balance of sweat and business savvy the road ahead has led to large scale operations. By supporting individuals with skills and the entrepreneurial spirit we also help to further the dollar multiplier effect. By re-circulating and attracting money within our own communities we can proliferate economic growth and spending our money with community members with skills is a great idea. If you are a community member who would like learn more about entrepreneur business or just like to learn more about expanding your skill, service, or value throughout our communities we’d like to hear from you at info@thenicc.edu. Because of Israel’s efforts he was also chosen to work in joint partnership with William Winchell, another local artist in building our new POW-WOW poster for our up and coming Accreditation Celebration event on May 19.