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HLC On-Site Peer Review Visit

May 2nd - 3rd Welcome the HLC Peer Review Team during the On-Site Visit to NICC

Nebraska Indian Community College is on the Standard Pathway for Accreditation and as part of the Comprehensive Evaluation during year 4 the team will be visiting the college.

Comprehensive Evaluation. An institution on the Standard Pathway and an institution in year ten of the Open Pathway shall undergo a comprehensive evaluation, which shall consist of the Assurance Review with an on-site visit. In addition to reviewing the Assurance Filing and related materials, the Assurance Review team shall also visit the institution’s main campus and other institutional locations as determined by the Commission based on its policies and procedures. For institutions that offer only distance or correspondence education, the team shall conduct its on-site visit to the institution’s administrative offices but may include other institutional locations, if any, in the on-site visit. The President of the Commission shall determine whether the liaison or other Commission staff member will accompany any visit related to an Assurance Review.

The length of the visit shall be one and one-half days, but the Commission may lengthen or shorten the visit or require that team members conduct additional on-site visits to the institution’s facilities to examine specific issues.

In a comprehensive evaluation, the team’s report will include any findings from the on-site visit, the multi-campus evaluation, if applicable, and the review of compliance with Federal Compliance Requirements.  

For more information visit the College's Statement of Accreditation page.