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2014 Student Senate

Congratulations to the elected members of the Nebraska Indian Community College 2015-16 Student Senate.

Friday, October 10th the Student Senate had their first meeting and elected their officers.  

Will Simmons was elected as the President, Sarah Zavala as Vice – President, Rose Buffalo Chief as Secretary, and Shyvonne Tyndall as the Treasurer.  Seven of the 9 members and alternates participated and the students shared brunch and started making plans for the upcoming year.  Student Senate has their first regular meeting at 10:00 a.m. Friday, October 17th.

Garan Coons will be their Faculty Advisor this year and he will be guiding them in their community efforts.  

Rose Buffalo Chief – SSC

Christina Coffman – Santee

Will Simmons – Macy

Shyvonne Tyndall – Macy

Bianca White – Santee

Sarah Zavala – SSC

Alternates are:

Adrianna Hoffman – SSC

Chris Ross – Macy

LeAnne Redowl – Santee