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NICC Attends Omaha Nation "Here We Grow" Youth Retreat

Nebraska Indian Community College attended the Omaha Nation “Here We Grow” Youth Retreat that was held on May 7th at the Wade Miller Football Field in Macy.  The day included activities for youth and there were sessions on topics such as Underage Drinking, Teens & Tobacco Use, Bullying, Suicide, Teen Health, and Preparing for College. 

Vanessa Hamilton and Susan Tyndall-Winchell spoke to 6th-8th grade students about the importance of doing well in school and what they can do to better prepare themselves for college.  They stressed the importance of getting good grades and talked about career choices.  They also talked about the advantages of attending NICC since it is close to home, culturally based, and they would have access to family support while working toward their degree.  They posed questions to the youth as well about what advice they might give to other kids about attending college and thinking about career choices.  The majority of students came up with the answer that Math and Science were important classes. 

It was a good afternoon and we look forward to more opportunities like this one!