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Representing NICC at AIHEC

Six students along with NICC faculty attended the 33rd Annual American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) Spring Conference in Billings, Montana, March 16 through Tuesday, March 18. The students were: Tamara Crees, Falon Tor-rez, Sarah Zavala, Marilyn Black-Hawk, Tiffany Wolfe, and Adria-na Hoffman.

The students are encouraged to participate and represent NICC through various academic and non-academic competitions. NICC students competed in speech, science bowl, and improv. Tiffany Wolfe did a wonderful speech about meth, Sarah Zavala did a speech on the Dakota 38 and a city law allowing settlers to receive $200 for a Indian scalp...a law that is still in effect to this day. Tamara did a speech on Native American history and how it is not taught to school age students. NICC did win the best improv/comedy for AIHEC for a improv play called "Don't Smoke at Bingo."

The big news from AIHEC is that Sarah Zavala was elected historian for the AIHEC Student Congress.