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Fall Archery 2016

Quality not quantity. That is the theme for the archery classes this semester. We recently completed a class on the Santee campus. We are starting another class for the Macy and South Sioux Campuses on Oct 21st. While in the class you will be taught the techniques used by USA Archery guidelines and learn safety in using the Bows and Arrows. We will do a lot of shooting to improve the skills needed to shooting a bow. We also will make a trip to Yankton Archery Complex which is the largest complex in the United States; they have hosted world class competitions. At the complex there are several types of styles of archery for the indoor range depending on what is going on at the complex. There are five different courses in the outside ranges: 3D animal plat-forms, roving course with 3D animals and targets along with the field targets. So sign up for the spring semester archery class and have fun learning about archery.