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Campus Crime and Security Report 2015

(Click here to download the Campus Crime and Security Report 2015)

Student Code of Conduct

NICC expects its students to abide by local, tribal, state, federal laws, and college regulations. The college will not tolerate unlawful behavior, which infringes upon or denies the rights and freedoms of others, or disruptive acts, which affect either the academic or the civil operation of the college. NICC standards of conduct clearly prohibit the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and the possession, use or sale of alcohol by students on its property or as part of any of its officially recognized activities. If a student becomes disruptive and refuses to leave when asked, law enforcement officials will be contacted. Any student who fails to observe these laws and regulations may be denied the services of the college through due process.

Criminal Activity Reporting Procedures

If criminal activity or suspected criminal activity occurs on any NICC campus the action is to be reported to a member of the college's staff and then to the President. In cases of emergency, contacting local law enforcement agencies directly is encouraged.

Call (402) 494-2311 and speak with the President, Dean of Student Services, Dean of Academics, the Business Office Director, or the Title III Director.

President's Contact Information

Micheal Oltrogge
Campus: (402) 494-2311 x 2568
Cell: (402) 960-5176

Building Security

The NICC facilities always have a staff, faculty, employee or volunteer in charge of facility security.

Program Designed to Inform and Prevent Crime

A booklet will be created every year by October 1 and placed on display to discuss past criminal activity and the proper method to report suspected activity.

Off Campus Activities

In the event that NICC sponsors an event and criminal activity occurs, local law enforcement agencies will be notified.

Incident Reports

Students who are observed violating college polices and regulations by a college employee will receive an incident report. The student will be told verbally at the time of the observed violation that an Incident Report will be issued. The report will be signed by the witnessing college employee. The signed Incident Report will be turned in to the Academic Dean within one business day of the alleged violation for review. The Academic Dean will take actions deemed appropriate to the incident, which may include academic probation or suspension. These incident reports will be kept in the student's permanent file.

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