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Consumer Information

 FAQ - Carpentry Certificate Information

    • Gainful Employment Report

      • Q: How much will this program cost me?
        A: Tuition and Fees: (approximate)     $ 4,590.
             Books and Supplies: (approximate) $   103.50.
             On-campus room and board           Not Offered
      • Q: What are my options to pay for the program?
        A: You may be eligible to receive financial aid depending on your income and family circumstances. However NICC does not provide student loans. To receive an estimate of what financial aid may be available please click on the link to our Net Price Calculator.
      • Q: How long will it take me to complete this program?
        A: The program was designed to be complete in 9 months.
      • Q: How successful are the graduates of this program in finding jobs?
        A: The Class of 2010:
        Number of graduates of this program 0
        After one year 0
        Students for whom we have information 0
        Available for employment 40
        Employed in related occupation 4
        Employed in unrelated occupation 0
        Unemployed but looking for work 0
    • Carpentry Certificate Requirements

      • The Nebraska Indian Community College Carpentry Certificate program is designed to enable students to gain entry-level employment in specialized areas, qualify for occupational advancement, upgrade job skills, or for personal development.  Each program is designed for a specific occupational field. Therefore, the semester credits required to obtain a certificate will vary with the particular program.

      • Certificate Requirements: 27 credits
        CPT 100 Fundamentals of Carpentry 3 credits
        CPT 102 Blueprint Reading  3 credits 
        CPT 106 Practical Carpentry I 3 credits
        CPT 108 Framing & Exterior Finishing 3 credits
        CPT 201 Construction Theory 3 credits
        *CPT 203 Practical Carpentry II 3 credits
        *CPT 209 Practical Carpentry III 3 credits
        CA 104 or higher 3 credits
        Total credits required:

        27 credits

      • Program Requirements: Program participants must complete an entrance assessment, and achieve satisfactory placement scores in English (099) and Mathematics (098) to be admitted to the program.

        Courses that have an * next the course number, are required to take the prerequisite. Please check the catalog to ensure that you know what the prerequisite is and plan your schedule accordingly.

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