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Transfer Information

Incoming Transfer Students

Students who have earned college credits at another accredited institution may transfer their credits to NICC. Official transcripts from each previously attended institution are required for an accurate evaluation of transfer credit. Transcripts presented directly by the student are not official and will not be used for the evaluation of transfer credit. Courses transferred into the Nebraska Indian Community College must be at the "C" level or above to be considered for credit. The Registrar will evaluate all official college transcripts for incoming students. Acceptable transfer credits will be within 10 years, applied to a degree, in compliancewith NICC’s programs of study. Students will be notified of their academic status after the evaluation is complete.

Transfer to a Four-year College or University

Students planning to transfer to a four-year institution should plan their program of study utilizing the following procedure:

  • Obtain a current catalog from the institution to which they plan to transfer, and study the transfer admission requirements, general education requirements, and degree program requirements. Take special notice of the freshman and sophomore requirements in the major field of interest. 
  • Consult with a Faculty Advisor about potentially fulfilling most of the freshman and sophomore requirements at NICC. 
  • Consult, either by letter, phone, or personal interview, with the Transfer Admissions Officer of the four-year institution about any questions they may have about transfer information or course transferability. 
  • Immediately after beginning the last semester of work at NICC, contact an advisor for information regarding the transfer process. 

NOTE: It is common that not all previous credits will transfer and that the student will be required to enroll in some additional courses to meet the transferring institution’s requirements. Each academic department of the transfer institutions sets their own requirements for acceptance of transferred credits. NICC has articulation agreements with several regional and national colleges and universities. Interested students should request information regarding these college articulations. Additionally, the curricula at NICC are based upon the student’s full-time enrollment each semester in order to complete all the requirements within two years of study.

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 Articulation & Transfer Agreements

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