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Earth Lodge Quest

 When the Umonhon first settled this area of Nebraska long ago, it has been said that the knowledge of building earth lodges came from the Arikara. This wonderful knowledge still exists today within our communities and as part of the core vision of the Nebraska Indian Community College we look to foster and revitalize Umonhon and Isanti cultures so it may live through the lives of our future generations. Over the last few months the college has been holding small community meetings every Monday at 1pm at our Macy Campus to discuss the potential for a community event that promotes our earth lodge knowledge though functional application. Donald Porter and family of the Mon’thinka’gaxe clan has provided us with guidance for the location of the Earth Lodge.Tribal member Dwight Robinson of the Hun’ga clan has shared his own earth lodge building memories. The meeting together with the NICC’s Umonhon History, Traditions & Cultures classes have envisioned a community project that builds an earth lodge that is built by the people for the people. The NICC is investigating funding for this activity to assist and support volunteer community members in this endeavour. We are in our planning phase that will build out our natural resources list, other material, and heavy equipment needs to assist construction. Although it is the consensus of the group meetings to carry out this activity traditionally, contemporary means will be utilized for safety and practicality. By the end of this month it is our hopes that we can put forward a good solid work plan for the activity to grow under.

It is our sincerest hope that community members will join us every Monday at 1pm at our Macy Campus location so we may do this in unity together by the people for the people. 

If you would like to help the NICC provide resources and other needs for this projects successful completion please drop us an email at info@thenicc.edu