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Radio Station KZYK 88.9


Earlier this year you might have read a story about our radio station project needs.  A tremendous amount of work needed to be done to begin broadcasting to fulfil our license obligations. In this issue, we are happy to report that radio station KZYK FM 88.9 is now on the air! Lead by our USDA Extension Director, Jim Hallum, our first broadcasts started in July for the purpose of expanding our public value throughout the Santee/Niobrara area. We now transmit the Dakota language, music, educational programming, and public service announcements daily. This resource is a critical need for rural America and the college would like to thank all those who made this happen. We are currently researching technologies that will provide transmissions in the Macy, NE area to support the Omaha community. Larry Thomas, pictured above, was instrumental for the project’s implementation. With his DJ experience he has been mentoring NICC student DJ, Harper Saul; AKA our favorite, "DJ Skittles". The NICC would like to thank our many radio volunteers!